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"Foreigners" Can Easily Earn US$
as "Non-Resident Importers"

By Jim Pettinger

Many individuals and companies based outside the USA know of available international products they could easily sell inside the USA if only they knew someone who could be their US-based importer. The GOOD NEWS is they do know someone - themselves! And not only can they be the importer, they can also be the sales representative and distributor too. It's not that difficult, especially if they target local and regional resellers.
This opportunity is based on three simple factors:

(1) The USA is a huge and lucrative market that welcomes foreign products;

(2) "Small" local and regional business owner/operators aren't really so small - their sales can range up to $100M+ - and they LOVE to meet principals (of any nationality) of companies that can provide them with lower-cost products with assured availability, delivery and quality (and personal service); and

(3) The US government is very cooperative:

(a) Any foreign business person can readily obtain a "B-1" visa that enables him or her to travel within the USA for marketing and other business purposes for up to six months, and

(b) Any foreign company can easily import its own goods directly to the buyer or to a US-based warehouse to be stored as inventory for later delivery.

Don't miss this opportunity to earn valuable US dollars. To learn more, check out our regular seminar, “Doing Business in the USA”.

Jim Pettinger, is president of International Market Access, Inc., Richmond, BC and Ferndale, Washington.

From its Ferndale facility, International Market Access, Inc. provides BC companies with USA business identity, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment and foreign trade zone services.