Who Are Specialized 3PL Providers?

Who Are Specialized 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Partners?

First, what does 3PL mean? 3PL stands for third party logistics and is a company that provides B2C (business to consumer) and/or B2B (business to business) inbound/outbound product handling, storage and freight forwarding services. For example a 3PL partner can receive overseas bulk orders, empty the shipping containers and ‘cross-dock’ the products for either storage or forwarding. On their clients’ behalf, 3PLs will hold product in their warehouse (storage), or pick-and-pack orders (fulfillment), arrange delivery (freight management) and then inevitably also accept returns/repairs (order returns). Outsourcing logistics services with a reliable 3PL partner can significantly reduce overhead costs particularly in areas of inventory, freight and human resource management.

How does a ‘specialized 3PL’ differ from the Amazon’s of the world?

Quite simply they know their niche. A ‘niche 3PL provider’ can be determined by a company’s ‘geographical market’, their limited ‘service offerings’ and/or that they serve a ‘specific industry’.  A company the size of Amazon by comparison is filling orders in bulk with little to no special shipping/handling options and they’re doing it as fast as possible. Where large scale order fulfillment companies are focused on volume, specialty 3PLs are focused on high performance, quality customer service and client success. Further, 3PL specialists often offer critical marketing, pricing or business consulting which is critical to breaking into new markets and staying competitive.
At UCanTrade, Inc. we consider ourselves a specialized 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider. Our niche is Canada/USA cross-border business. We exist to serve Canadian importers/exporters and proudly provide them with an array of ‘hands-on’ business and logistics services.
Our clients – most of whom are situated within a 100 mile radius of the Blaine, WA – Surrey, BC Peace Arch Border crossing, leverage our 30 plus years of cross-border experience and professional relationships to facilitate their business expansion into a lucrative, yet massive U.S. market. (Related article: Five Strategies for Expanding Your Business to the USA). From our 60,000 sq. ft. facilities, located off Interstate 5 between Blaine and Bellingham, WA, our clients are encouraged to think ‘domestically’ and consider our facilities merely as an extension of their own head-office ‘stretched’ across the border.
As logistics specialists, our team of professionals operate at a high level, navigating our long standing ‘systems and processes’ with expertise and accuracy. Our size and experience allow us to be responsive and flexible to satisfy our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently.
Even within the current Canada/USA political climate and amidst NAFTA uncertainty (Related article: Status of NAFTA Negotiations) the historically favorable exchange rate between the US dollar and the Canadian ‘Loonie’ translates to most Canadian companies earning up to 23% more on their U.S. sales. (Related article: The Loonie – A Hindrance or An Opportunity?)

UCanTrade B.C. New Exporters Tour
Surrey Board of Trade’s ‘New Exporters Tour’ at UCanTrade, Inc. – Spring 2018

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