5 Reasons Small Business Should Expand To The US

PiggyBank3According to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters’ magazine 20/20, it’s a ‘proven fact’ that companies who’ve expanded their business outside of Canada are more profitable than those who have not. (Source)
Here are 5 reasons why exporting to the US makes sense:

  1. Culture, proximity and history help eliminate expansion hurdles.
  2. Cross-border financial investment opportunities are plentiful.
  3. Aerospace & manufacturing businesses (as examples) are industries ‘diverting’ their operations to the US creating opportunities for Canadians to “capitalize on the growing market”.
  4. A strong US dollar equals more profitable sales for Canadian businesses.
  5. The US is a perfect ‘launch pad’ into other economies around the globe.

( Full Article by Jim Shenkmen – Contributor to The Globe and Mail)
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