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How to acquire USA market intelligence at no cost
By: Jim Pettinger
The USA market is huge, lucrative and eager to buy imported products from Canada, Asia and elsewhere.
But how do you find out who wants to buy your imported products or services?
It's simple. Subscribe to several FREE, "controlled circulation" trade and consumer magazines published for readers in your business sector.
I can assure you there are more than a dozen that will deliver directly to your USA business street address because they are eager to add your company name to their ABC audited list of subscribers. Why? So they can maximize revenue from advertisers who pay according to the independent circulation audits.
How does this help your USA marketing?

  1. You will learn from reading articles related to your market - about buyers, sellers, business advisors, methods, procedures, tradeshows, statistics and "deals" that are being made every day.
  2. You will learn from seeing advertising by other companies in your market.
  3. You will learn from the catalogs, brochures, postcards and other "direct marketing advertising" sent to you from businesses that rent the subscriber lists.
  4. And, most importantly, you can request their "Media Kit" (as a prospective advertiser or list renter). This will contain tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of market research about buyers in your target market. Why? Because the magazine's only purpose in life is to deliver these prospects to their readers and advertisers.
How do you do it?

  1. www.google.com. Conduct a search for magazines, periodicals and publishing companies using key words from your industry. For example, in my industry (warehousing, transportation, marketing), I receive Logistics Management magazine from www.peerless-media.com.
  2. www.srds.com (Standard Rates and Data). This is the long-time "bible" used by the advertising industry for placing ads for their clients. Most public libraries (Business Department) or University libraries should have a subscription.
  3. www.freetrademagazines.com. Naturally, a web entrepreneur has jumped on this opportunity, but this is only a partial list.
This is one of the simplest, most valuable - yet grossly underutilized - methods for USA market research available. Yet, most entrepreneurs are completely unaware of this valuable resource and spend $$$ in time and money thrashing around until they finally discover their market - often too late.
Establish your "USA Business Identity" today, and separate yourself from the herd.
Jim Pettinger

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