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3PL Third Party Logistics - A Strategic Expansion Partner

Five Strategies for Expanding Your Business to the USA
By Jim Pettinger

How to Establish a Low-Cost USA Business Presence
By Jim Pettinger

"Foreigners" Can Easily Earn US$ as "Non-Resident Importers"
By Jim Pettinger

How to acquire USA market intelligence at no cost
By Jim Pettinger

Trade Publications Still Powerful After All These Years
By Jack Petree and Clayton Petree

Eight Reasons To Expand To The USA - Today!
By Jim Pettinger

Canada's Important Role During The 9/11 Attacks
By Jim Pettinger

Ten Tips for Better Border Business
A primer to help Canadian business people navigate the USA border.
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Secrets revealed to break into U.S. markets
By Kate Zimmerman, The Richmond News

Ten Tips For Better Trade Shows
By Brian Keobke, The Portables

Effective Trade Show Planning - Your Keys To Better Results
By Dale Harvey

Selling Your Product in the USA

When Advertising, Persistence Pays Dividends
A Timeless Marketing Classic

A Poem Written By Joshua Veliz