BC Export Opportunities to the US Abound

By: UCanTrade Staff
When considering BC’s main exports to the US (its ‘largest trading partner’), larger sectors like forestry and mining might first come to mind. However, as Trade and Invest BC reports, viable export opportunities also exist in other ‘key sectors’ such green technology & clean economy, digital media, and agrifoods.
Further export prospects exist in film and media production, technology transfer, and financial services the agency says, adding that “businesses in all regions of the province and almost all sectors will find opportunities to export to the United States.” Reasoning, BC businesses can compete successfully in US markets because of a long shared history, geographical proximity and NAFTA*.
The take-away is that whether you’re a Victoria ‘E-tailer’ selling your fashions to buyers in Colorado or a Vancouver technology ‘start-up’ selling Wearable Devices to California, the sky is the limit! The US offers BC businesses an abundance of export opportunities.
This point is amplified when you consider Canadians can earn 20% more on their US sales simply because of the favorable exchange rate. (Ref: Selling Into the USA – Easier Than You Think)
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*North American Free Trade Agreement
(Source: Trade and Invest BC > Key Markets > United States)

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