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Spring 2019 Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI) BriefAuthor: Dr. Nabil Kamel This Brief is guest authored by BPRI’s 2018 faculty fellow Dr. Nabil Kamel, whose research illustrates the effect of the border on the connectivity of the music industry in the region, with a particular focus on emerging artists and Indigenous musicians. It makes a […]
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By Jim Pettinger, President at UCanTrade, Inc. The latest Border Policy Brief from the Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI), “Passenger Flows through the Cascade Gateway: Changes from 2013 to 2018”, is now available at the BPRI publication website. This report is a preliminary analysis of findings from their passenger vehicle survey, which is conducted in […]
For decades ‘Hands Across The Border’ has brought together America’s and Canada’s young and young at heart in recognition of the peaceful camaraderie shared between our nations. We walk and gather together under and around the majestic Peace Arch Monument in Blaine, WA – “brethren dwelling together in unity!” SAVE THE DATE – 2018’s celebration […]
It is always our pleasure to welcome US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and their canine partners to our UCanTrade (UCT) warehouse facilities. CBP has been using UCT for over ten years. The officers use our warehouse(s) for regular training and certification of both K-9s and handlers. They like our warehouse because we are friendly, […]
Marijuana: Know before you grow (or buy, or sell, or transport, or handle.…) By: Jim Pettinger, President at UCanTrade, Inc. Whether you are crossing the Canada/USA border for business or pleasure, DON’T ASSUME ANYTHING about the “legalization” of marijuana. Some provinces and states have changed their laws, and the Canadian government is set to possibly […]
For decades U.S. companies have sought out and successfully recruited talented foreigners to work for their American based businesses in a specialized, specific capacity. Classified under H-1B visa immigration status, “which helps employers hire foreign-born workers for high-skilled, high-paid jobs,” said Seattle immigration attorney Tahmina Watson, she’s seeing a ‘seismic shift’ in visa approvals, reports […]
You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who lives and/or works as we do, in Ferndale just south of Blaine, WA and/or (South) Surrey, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver, B.C.), who does not know where and what IS the Peace Arch Monument. While many know and recognize the Peace Arch as a prominent, brilliant […]
During the recent Doing Business in the USA seminar held in Langley, B.C. June 9, 2016, cross-border veteran, Jim Pettinger detailed practical, affordable marketing strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in expanding their business into the USA. Pettinger, president and C.E.O. of UCanTrade, Inc., provides Canadian businesses, particularly those in British Columbia, with […]
At UCanTrade, Inc., we exist to help Canadian companies market and distribute their goods and services profitably to the U.S.A.  We aim to assist them in removing any ‘border barriers’ and to provide them with a low cost, fully equipped and fully staffed extension of their Canadian office on the American side of the border. U.S. […]
By: Jim Pettinger, President & CEO of UCanTrade, Inc. The “Know Before You Go” slogan is familiar to most Canadians (and some Americans). Along with “I declare” (Je déclare), it reminds us to make sure we know our obligations at the border when traveling. However, when planning to expand your Canadian business into the USA, […]