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“Canadian companies want to consolidate several small shipments into a larger one to minimize customs clearance costs,” says Jim Pettinger, UCanTrade, Inc.’s president and CEO. “This is where UCanTrade can step in and provide cross docking services and work in conjunction with our client’s U.S. Customs Broker to expedite this process at a low cost.” […]
By: Jim Pettinger, President and CEO at UCanTrade, Inc. David Davidson, retiring interim director of Western Washington University’s Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI), is leaving us with a challenge to implement a relatively simple plan to issue RFID-enabled cards to about 75,000 “high-frequency” border-crossing Canadian passport holders. He estimates this cost would be about 20% […]
By: Elliott Smith The US & Canadian Governments have released their 2012 annual report on implementation of the joint Canada/US Beyond the Border action plan for harmonizing trade & security regulations and streamlining the flow of legitimate commerce across the international boundary. Two highlights in particular include actions taken to bolster trusted traveler and shipper […]