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According to UPS, January 6th is officially ‘National Returns Day’. The global shipping giant reportedly expects to handle approximately 5 million package returns by the end of the first week in January with over a million consumer returns on January 6th alone! With online shopping exponentially increasing each year, particularly during the holiday season, e-commerce […]
According to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters’ magazine 20/20, it’s a ‘proven fact’ that companies who’ve expanded their business outside of Canada are more profitable than those who have not. (Source) Here are 5 reasons why exporting to the US makes sense: Culture, proximity and history help eliminate expansion hurdles. Cross-border financial investment opportunities are […]
By: UCanTrade Staff When considering BC’s main exports to the US (its ‘largest trading partner’), larger sectors like forestry and mining might first come to mind. However, as Trade and Invest BC reports, viable export opportunities also exist in other ‘key sectors’ such green technology & clean economy, digital media, and agrifoods. Further export prospects […]
By: UCanTrade Staff Many small/medium companies have learned they can’t do it all, especially in today’s Internet-driven world of international trade. In the world of logistics* and supply-chain management, ‘3PL’ means ‘third-party logistics’ – a logistics company hired by either buyers or sellers to reliably coordinate and deliver their goods, either in part or entirely, […]
By: UCanTrade Staff Export Development Canada (EDC)’s Chief Economist, Peter Hall said in a recent EDC press release that the US Economic Growth is ‘spilling over’ into the global economy and combined with US industrial capacity constraints and the ‘Low-Loonie,’ among other variables, the EDC forecasts Canadian exports will grow 8 per cent by 2016. […]
For Canadian exporters, perhaps more than ever before, NOW is the best time to sell in the USA. According to UCanTrade, Inc.’s president, Jim Pettinger, “It’s a no-brainer.” Why? Simple.  The US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. If you sell your good or service in the US, it’ll earn you an easy […]