Comment: U.S. Thanksgiving weekend is a big deal

By: Jim Pettinger
Americans are known worldwide as hard workers who take little time off for holidays and vacations compared to others. However, Thanksgiving is a major exception. The holiday itself is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but the preceding week and following weekend are probably more festive and family-oriented for Americans than is Christmas week in other countries. In addition, the growing traditions of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” only increase the frenzy around the holiday.
Canadian shoppers and businesses that export should take note: First, border lineups will be longer than any other time of year; check wait times before you go at the link on our website at And second, most non-retail businesses are closed on Thursday, and many provide limited services on Friday. For example, UPS offers no pickups at all on Thursday, and only air shipments by appointment on Friday. Consequently, make sure all your U.S. orders are filled and shipped earlier in the week.
The good news is that American internet shoppers will be on their computers for many more hours than usual. In fact, many internet retailers now recognize “Cyber Monday” as a great day to hold major discount sales similar to what their brick and mortar counterparts offer on “Black Friday”.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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