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Need help receiving a containerized shipment from abroad? We can do that.

By: Elliott Smith
Seattle Tacoma Vancouver Container Shipment Processing
UCanTrade receives and processes container shipments for Canadian and USA-based clients. We handle and process shipments from the Port of Seattle, Port of Tacoma or Port of Vancouver BC.
Which port is right for you? “It’s really a case by case basis” says UCanTrade’s Operations Manager Terry Dickey. “We work with our client to find the most cost-effective option, whether that’s the Port of Seattle, Port of Vancouver, or another option.” Dickey added
UCanTrade works with one of our trusted trucking partners to have your container delivered from its arrival port to one of three Ferndale, Washington facilities, conveniently located just 20 minutes from the border on Interstate 5.
Seattle Vancouver Container Shipment ProcessingFrom there, UCanTrade’s crew of experienced logistics staff will receive, process, and warehouse your shipment and await orders from your customers. When your order is received, UCanTrade’s expert staff will promptly pick, pack and ship to your customer via UPS. And we do it with one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry.
More and more companies are taking advantage of low-cost manufacturing off-shore. But getting a container of goods from the port and translating that into individual orders for your retail or e-commerce customers can be a challenge.
Port of Seattle Container Shipment ProcessingUCanTrade provides the missing link to solve that challenge. From the seaport of your choice, to your retail customer’s doormat, UCanTrade makes international manufacturing and USA distribution a snap.
If you have goods being manufactured overseas, and need a reliable partner to manage container receiving, warehousing, and pick & pack shipping, give us a call at 1-360-380-6900
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