Export Tips to E-Commerce Success

By: UCanTrade Staff
Are you considering selling online to the USA or another foreign market?  To be profitable and have e-commerce success, consider the following trade tips:
One-of-a-Kind?  Consumers, particularly Americans, are very receptive to buying Canadian made goods. However, ‘standing out among the crowd’ is critical to online sales success. Choices abound, so target a niche market with a proven product and you’ll be more likely to succeed.
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Order Fulfillment?  Consider your supply chain. If you receive a whole bunch of small orders all at once, do you have enough product on-hand to fill, box-up and ship in small quantities to hundreds of customers, across the lower 48 states, by tomorrow (!)?  Partnering with a reliable order fulfillment, Pick-N-Pack service provider, like UCanTrade, enables you to reliably meet the demands of your online customers.
Proper Pricing?  Do your prices support ALL your costs associated with online sales into a foreign country?  There are the obvious costs like cost-of-goods, storage, packaging, handling, and shipping but what about import customs fees, foreign label requirements or other unknown fees?  Plan, plan, plan so you can price for profit.
Compliant?  The US, like other foreign countries, has their own set of Government mandated import rules and regulations.  These regulations are enforced by customs officers at the country’s port of entry.  The officers require proof of compliance (generally in the form of documentation)  before they allow any product into their country. From the ink in your give-away pens to the chicken flavoring in your organic pet treats, they want to know the ‘who, what and where’ of your item to make sure it’s permissible.  Customs compliance and clearance can be easily addressed and overcome with professional assistance and proper planning. It is a critical factor in determining your export e-commerce success.
US Dollars?  When you sell into a foreign market, especially in the USA, consider the value of the local currency as it relates to your own.  For example, Canadians selling in the USA can make 20% extra on their US sales simply because the US dollar has a higher value relative to ‘the Loonie’ (Ref. Why US Sales Are A No Brainer).  Also, facilitating your buyers by enabling them to buy with their own money is very appealing and exhibits great customer service.
Expanding your business to include (online) sales into a foreign market, particularly for Canadians selling to the USA, can be a very lucrative and worthwhile endeavor (Ref. Micro-Multinationals – Small Business Can Export Too).  With proper planning and reliable professional partners you most certainly can enjoy profitable e-commerce success through export.
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