How does Chinese New Year Impact North American Business?

By: Elliott Smith
Import from China To USAIt’s a busy time of year at UCanTrade, both for Christmas/holiday orders, and for the buildup towards Chinese New Year. That’s right, Chinese New Year. The New Year celebrations in China have a huge impact on international commerce. At UCanTrade, our core business has always been helping Canadian entrepreneurs market and distribute their products profitably in the United States. A growing part of that business means helping Canadian businesses import directly from China to the USA.
A little-known fact of working with Chinese producers is the surge in manufacturing and export that accompanies the run-up to Chinese New Year. Many Chinese factories shut down for several weeks, during Chinese New Year celebrations. The Chinese New year celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival, will begin on January 31, 2014. According to Travel China Guide, the festival lasts almost half a month.
The Chinese factories that shut down entirely for the period of the festival often precede this idle period with a run-up in production to meet orders in North America and around the globe. UCanTrade’s Operations Manager Terry Dickey says that one of our clients is currently receiving double the amount of inventory they customarily import, in preparation of the Chinese New year manufacturing hiatus.
With almost 30 years of international commerce experience and 20,000 square feet of warehouse space, UCanTrade is well-equipped to help North American businesses accommodate the surge in production that precedes the Chinese New year manufacturing shutdown. If your business is looking for a reliable partner to help with USA warehousing and fulfillment, in preparation for Chinese New Year, or year-round, call the logistics experts at UCanTrade at 360-380-6900.
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