U.S. Online Sales Offer Canadians Big Profit Opportunities

Exporting to the United States presents a tremendous growth opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs and e-tailers, but selling across the border has to be done carefully to avoid excess costs. For over 32 years, UCanTrade, Inc. has been the regional leader in providing support services for Canadian businesses exporting to the U.S. in Western North America. We have the experience and the infrastructure to help your company profitably sell your product to the American market, and avoid the expensive pitfalls that can come with doing business across the border.
Why sell your products to customers in the United States? The simple answer is market potential. The United States is a huge market for e-commerce. The US Census Bureau estimates that in the second quarter of 2016 alone, US e-commerce sales will amount to $97 Billion, USD.


To compare the US and Canadian markets, Statistics Canada predicts that by year-end 2016 Canadian retail e-commerce orders will be $34.4 Billion (CAD). Adjusted with August 2016 Bank of Canada’s average exchange rate of 1.29943636 CAD per USD, $34.4 Billion (CAD) equals approximately $47 Billion USD.  Not only are non-export Canadian e-tailers missing out on sales opportunities by volume but they’re also missing out on higher revenue by not earning sales in U.S. dollars.
Canadian e-tailers can realize considerable profits if the costs of international shipping and customs compliance are controlled, and buyer confidence is assured with the backing of an established stateside, U.S. business presence. For almost three decades, UCanTrade, Inc. has been the leader in helping Canadian exporters overcome these kinds of border barriers.  Attend our upcoming seminar or call us to learn more about how we can help you do business in the U.S.A.
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