Improve your marketing productivity by outsourcing to a “3PL” provider

By: UCanTrade Staff
Many small/medium companies have learned they can’t do it all, especially in today’s Internet-driven world of international trade.
In the world of logistics* and supply-chain management, ‘3PL’ means ‘third-party logistics’ – a logistics company hired by either buyers or sellers to reliably coordinate and deliver their goods, either in part or entirely, to their customers.
In today’s global marketplace, 3PL partners play a key role in a business’ supply chain and are especially relevant when selling to a foreign market. Cost effective manufacturing, packaging, shipping and distribution can make or break overall sales success; which when expanding a business abroad, can be exacerbated further by diverse and complex import/export regulations.
At UCanTrade, YOU can trade! We specialize in supporting Canadian exporters/importers with US business and logistics services including: (E-commerce) Order Fulfillment & ‘Pick-N-Pack’, Cross-Docking, Value Added Parcel Forwarding, Warehousing and Storage, Freight Management/Transportation Services, Mail Services and more. We exist to help Canadian businesses market and distribute profitably in the USA.
*Logistics is the management of the multi-directional flow (and storage) of goods and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. The purpose is to satisfy customer requirements as efficiently and reliably as possible. Good logistics is crucial to customer satisfaction and business profitability – it gets goods and material where they need to be when they need to be there.
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