Micro-Multinationals – Small Businesses Can Export Too!

By: UCanTrade Staff
With the help of technology, small and mid-sized business owners, whose companies are dubbed ‘Micro-Multinationals’, are seizing the opportunity to export their goods and services internationally using e-commerce sites and trade partners.
Even with rising shipping costs (Ref. Dimensional Shipping Weight), the Globe and Mail reported Canadian small businesses are still seeing significant revenue increases by selling into foreign markets. Reportedly, an Ontario specialty retailer saw a 500% sales increase in just one year when he started shipping internationally and setting his prices in US dollars (Source).
Canadian export into the US is particularly timely (Ref. Why US Sales Are a ‘No-Brainer’) given the present strength of the US dollar. Quite simply, a sale made in Canada is valued easily 15% less than if the same sale were made in the US. Preparedness, establishing a US Business Identity and partnering with experienced trade service providers is an important part of having success as a ‘micro-multinational’. Export from Canada
On May 7th, 2015, UCanTrade, Inc., and its “Doing Business in the USA” partners, will present a full day seminar and professional briefing in Delta, BC, to educate those interested in learning the basics of cross border trade and establishing a Canadian business across the border in the USA.
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