More BC Shoppers Visiting Whatcom County

By: Staff
More Canadians are shopping in WhatcomCounty. Bargains at new stores like Winco, and existing favorites including Fred Meyer, Trader Joe’s and Costco continue to draw shoppers south of the border. Bellingham Herald Business Editor Dave Gallagher reports that Canadians’ shopping trips to WhatcomCounty have quadrupled since 2007.
According to Gallagher
The Whatcom Council of Governments released the results of an interim survey taken this summer of travelers going south through the region’s five border crossings. The survey estimates 310,000 vehicles crossed the border into Whatcom County with shopping the travelers’ primary purpose in July; that’s more than quadruple the number of vehicles during the same period in 2007.
The percentage of those interviewed that listed shopping as the primary reason for crossing the border was 45 percent, up from 19 percent in 2007.
The July survey was done by Western Washington University’s Border Policy Research Institute, which employed Western students or graduates to do the study. The second wave of surveys will be done in February 2014.
Read Bellingham Herald Business Editor Dave Gallagher’s full report here.
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