Are You Ready for the 2018 Peak Holiday Selling Season?

Are you ready for the 2018 peak holiday selling season?

Many companies will be receiving their fall stock during the next two summer months in preparation of their peak holiday selling season. Whether you are selling direct to consumers, or supplying retailers or wholesalers, you should be getting your plans in place.
The U.S. economy is booming and consumer confidence is high. The “Loonie” is still relatively weak against the U.S. dollar, so the USA should probably be a primary target. However, it’s not all gravy – competition will be more fierce than ever, and shipping costs may be higher, especially since UPS announced “surge pricing”, or what it calls a “peak shipping charge”. This will affect package shipping charges for the peak periods November 19th to December 2nd and December 17th to December 23rd.
There has never been a better or more exciting time to broaden your market to take advantage of the newest trends in marketing and logistics.
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