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A simple, inexpensive proposal to reduce border wait times.

By: Jim Pettinger, President and CEO at UCanTrade, Inc.
David Davidson, retiring interim director of Western Washington University’s Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI), is leaving us with a challenge to implement a relatively simple plan to issue RFID-enabled cards to about 75,000 “high-frequency” border-crossing Canadian passport holders. He estimates this cost would be about 20% of the cost of adding staffed booths to achieve the same reduction of average wait times. The proposal would not replace NEXUS, which provides the fastest crossing, but would be simpler and faster to implement in the short term because it requires no additional data from the passport holder.
Details of Davidson’s proposal, “A Business Case for Increasing RFID at the Canada – U.S. Land Border”, can be found at the BPRI website, www.wwu.edu/bpri. We encourage all frequent border crossers to support the significant work being done by BPRI by subscribing to its e-mail distribution list.
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