Renowned Immigration Attorney and Former West Point Professor Margaret Stock Joins Area Law Firm

By: Elliott Smith
Noted immigration attorney and national security scholar Margaret D. Stock has recently joined Cascadia Cross-Border Law, one of the region’s most respected immigration law firms. According to the law firm:

Margaret Stock focuses her practice on immigration and citizenship law. She is a nationally known expert on immigration and national security laws, and has testified regularly before Congressional committees on immigration, homeland security, and military matters. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Military Police, U.S. Army Reserve, Margaret has extensive experience with U.S. military issues. She has also worked as a professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and she has served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Alaska. (Read Stock’s full biography here:)

Stock has a strong background in Canada/US issues, having served as a Research Fellow at Western Washington University’s Border Policy Research Institute in 2009. Her military experience also makes her uniquely qualified for handling immigration cases on behalf of former service members. It is a little-known fact that approximately 5% of US military active duty personnel are not American Citizens. In this February 2013 news clip, Stock details her efforts to help a US Marine Veteran facing potential deportation:
KTVA TV: Margaret Stock Helps US Marine Veteran Facing DeportationKTVA TV: Margaret Stock Helps US Marine Veteran Facing Deportation
Stock will be opening a new branch of Cascadia Cross-Border Law in Anchorage, making her immigration and business law expertise available to Alaskans. Margaret may be contacted in Anchorage at Cascadia Cross Border Law Group LLC, 4141 B Street, Suite 205, Anchorage, AK 99503-5940, by email at or by phone at 1-907-242-5800.
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