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The number one obstacle preventing Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs from making successful U.S. sales ‘is not the border’, says Jim Pettinger, President and CEO at UCanTrade, Inc., but rather marketing challenges – target marketing to be specific (Related: “Focus, Focus, Focus”).
Economic and consumer diversity found within each state presents exporters with immense marketing challenges almost as immense as America itself. The BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada) recommends using professional surveys and/or informal questionnaires about your products or services to develop an effective marketing plan. Informed by your surveys, the marketing plan is tailored to attract the customers most interested or in need of your products or services – your target market.
US Sales Boost Canadian Economy
A committed and consistent online marketing campaign can also be effective, says BDC. They also suggest asking your current ‘top ten’ customers what you’re already doing right – then keep it up! Use all at your disposal to spread your brand (Car wraps, sidewalks, billboards etc.), but BDC cautions, “your images and messages should focus on what you’re selling, not your company’s name.”
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(Source: 7 low-cost marketing strategies to implement now)
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