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UCanTrade Inc Ferndale WA - Canada / USA Cross-Border Services
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"Support Services You Need To Eliminate Common Problems
Associated With Cross-Border Business Transactions"
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USA Business Identity

Having a USA “office and warehouse” shows customers your USA business commitment. It has proven invaluable for businesses selling both products and services, and also for e-commerce websites. Your customers appreciate that you have eliminated many of the real problems and concerns associated with cross-border business transactions.

We can provide you with both a USA street address and a P.O. Box. Your USA business address can be used for all business communications, such as advertising, receiving of mail, orders, inquiries, magazine subscriptions, catalogs, parcels and shipments.

For a more complete USA business identity package, a “remote call forwarding line” may be considered. This gives you a USA phone and/or fax number. Incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the designated number that you choose. It is a relatively inexpensive service that is useful when establishing your USA business presence. Long distance forwarding charges will apply, but we can offer you the services of a discounted long distance carrier.

In addition to establishing a “USA Business Identity”, we offer the below services allowing you to create a program that best benefits your business. Please inquire about any special services you may need. We are flexible and most likely will be able to accommodate your requests. Services are easily added or deleted so you only pay for what you actually need.

Order Fulfillment & Pick-n-Pack

This service allows you to import or send us product in larger lots, saving money by eliminating excess transportation and brokerage fees.

We receive your shipping instructions (e.g., packing slips) by fax or e-mail, then pick, pack and ship from your USA warehouse. This allows you to quickly respond to your customer by getting product out with the certainty of no border hang-ups.

More importantly, it frees up your valuable time for sales and marketing.

More Information On Order Fulfillment & Pick-n-Pack
Value-Added Parcel Forwarding

If you wish to prepare your own shipments, economize on your customs brokerage and transportation charges by clearing larger volumes of product at one time, and receive the control and marketing benefits of shipping from your USA warehouse, then this service may be for you.

We can arrange to pick up several boxes or a truckload of goods to be delivered to your USA warehouse, and then forward to your customers via our established network of transportation service providers.

You can choose the level of service that best fits your requirements, for example: next day, 2nd day air, ground or LTL freight.

More Information On Freight Forwarding
Mail Services

We offer both inbound and outbound mail services for your convenience.

We can receive your mail from the post office into your own in-house mail slot, then hold for pickup or forward to your location via mail or courier services.

We also pick up and meter USA and international outbound mail via the many levels of service offered.

We deposit inbound checks, fax important documents, and count and sort incoming mail.

We can open a BRM (business reply mail) account with the USPS (United States Postal Service) for you and assist with the artwork requirements and printing of the reply envelopes or cards.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

We can assist you with the often missing but critical component of the successful Internet based business. We supply the missing brick in your click.

By providing a complete shipping and inventory management system, we enable you to outsource your fulfillment logistics. This system allows for the extraction of data for export to UCanTrade’s fulfillment system and/or remote inventory management that may be integrated with your in-house inventory system.

Please inquire about your specific system requirements.

More Information On Inventory Management
Warehouse & Storage

We provide warehousing and storage services for a variety of goods and products in a clean and well-organized warehouse.

In addition, we maintain very high security and personnel standards.

Both short term and long term warehousing and storage are available.

Please inquire about any special needs you may have.

More Information on Bellingham Warehouse Fulfillment
Product Returns

We accept returns from your customers acknowledging your preferred return system.

We can arrange for the pick up of the goods to be returned, then receive, inspect, process or store per your instructions. Product can then be consolidated, forwarded, or destroyed.

We can also refurbish or restock per your instructions.

Technical Repair/Return Services

In combination with our product return services described above, UCanTrade provides on-site technical repair capability.

Warranty work, upgrades, testing, and evaluations by trained technical specialists are accomplished according to your standards and specifications.

You can provide quick turnarounds to your USA customer base while avoiding unnecessary border crossings, clearance expenses, freight costs and time delays.

Freight Management/Transportation Services

We work with a wide variety of carriers to give you competitive service and to assist you with delivery or pick up requests.

Services are available from our facility, directly from your pick up location to your delivery destination or point-to-point.

We specialize in helping our clients with new or unusual requirements encountered when entering new markets, sourcing from new suppliers or navigating new and changing border regulations.

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More Information On Freight Management/Transportation Services
More Information on Less than TruckLoad (LTL) Shipping

We can store your booth and related marketing materials until you need them shipped to the next event.

Upon return, we can inspect for damage and repair if needed, as well as restock product or marketing materials for the following event.

We will work with you and your sales people to eliminate potential problems that can be disastrous when planning for these time sensitive events.

Cross-Dock Services

Our Ferndale warehouse and distribution center sits conveniently between Seattle and Vancouver on the I-5 corridor only 15 miles from the border.

7 loading docks and a large trailer yard offer ample flexibility to accommodate your cross-docking needs while extending your service area reach with an outsourced terminal.

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