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Export From Canada
Export from Canada:
UCanTrade, Inc. can help you export from Canada to the USA. For over two decades, UCanTrade has helped facilitate entry into the U.S. market for Canadian exporters (and offshore importers). We offer a variety of services that help makes exporting from Canada to the United States easy and profitable.

One major challenge that Canadian e-tailers and internet entrepreneurs face when seeking to export from Canada to the U.S. is dealing with international shipping charges and border delays. By offering a U.S.-based warehouse and pick and pack fulfillment center, UCanTrade can reduce international shipping charges and the uncertainty of border delays. UCanTrade works with your customs broker and shipper to export from Canada in bulk, and then holds your inventory at our warehouse in Ferndale, Washington, only 15 miles from the border on Interstate 5. You then submit your orders electronically, and UCanTrade picks, packs and ships to your U.S. customers directly. You save on international shipping charges and your customers receive their orders faster. Additionally, using UCanTrade's services to export from Canada can reduce customs brokerage costs by limiting your cross-border freight movements to fewer, larger shipments.

Streamlined merchandise return is another benefit of exporting from Canada with UCanTrade, making returns and exchanges easier for your customers and less expensive for your business. When you export from Canada to the U.S. without UCanTrade, your U.S- based customers face a daunting return process. International shipping and customs paperwork costs you more, and deters them from doing repeat business with you. When you export from Canada with UCanTrade in bulk, and then fulfill orders from our facility in the United States, we process U.S. returns domestically. With no border crossing, your inventory is restocked faster and shipping costs are lower. The return process for your customer is hassle-free, with no customs declarations needing to be filled out on their part.
Another reason many companies choose UCanTrade to help them export from Canada is our proven track record of providing a U.S. Business Identity. Having a USA "office and warehouse" shows customers your USA business commitment. It has proven invaluable for businesses selling both products and services, and also for e-commerce websites. Your customers appreciate that you have eliminated many of the real problems and concerns associated with cross-border business transactions. When you export from Canada on your own, U.S. customers may be wary of purchasing from an international vendor. When you use UCanTrade to help you export from Canada, your customers perceive you as a domestic supplier and buy with greater confidence.
Exporting from Canada with UCanTrade also allows you to reduce bank fees and currency conversion losses. You earn U.S. dollars for U.S. sales, and can pay operating costs for your U.S. operations with those funds. When you export from Canada without UCanTrade, currency has to be converted more often, affecting your bottom line. When you export from Canada with UCanTrade, your U.S. sales pay for U.S. operations in U.S. dollars, which eliminate extra currency conversions.
For over two decades, UCanTrade, Inc. has been the leader in facilitating export from Canada to the United States for British Columbia businesses. Give us a call today, and find out how we can help your business profitably enter the U.S. market.
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