Skagit Bridge to Close Overnight Saturday Sept 14, Expect Delays

By: Elliott Smith
The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is advising travelers that the I-5 Bridge over the SkagitRiver will be closed for 12 hours or more, beginning the evening of Saturday September 14. A portion of the bridge collapsed earlier this year, and the loss of this crucial North/South link caused headaches for travelers.
A temporary span was put in place after a few weeks to keep commerce moving across the vital corridor while a permanent replacement was constructed. The permanent replacement span is now ready for installation.
WSDOT and Max J. Kuney Construction will close the span for an estimated 12 hours overnight the evening of Saturday September 14.
According to WSDOT:
“The contractor will detour I-5 traffic through the cities of Burlington and Mount Vernon for approximately 12 hours to remove the temporary spans and install the permanent span,” said Assistant Regional Administrator Jay Drye. “Moving bridges is not easy. Drivers need to stay engaged and plan for detours.”
 Read the full announcement from WSDOT here:
The bridge will have additional overnight closures this Fall as WSDOT and contractors retrofit the remaining portions of the bridge to make them more resistant to the kind of impact that caused the May 23 collapse. Trade Tips Blog will update this post as more detail on those scheduled closures is received from WSDOT.
The collapse and subsequent closure of the bridge in May presented a major headache for cross-border travelers and businesses relying on Interstate 5 for shipping to customers along Western North America’s main artery of commerce.
The closure pointed out the importance of working with skilled logistics professionals who can work around unexpected problems. Getting shipments delivered on time was a challenge, but it was a challenge that the logistics experts at IMA handled flawlessly. According to company Operations Manager Terry Dickey: “The biggest obstacle we faced was LTL (Less than TruckLoad) shipping. Small parcel via UPS, FedEx, and US Post have local terminals, but most of the LTL freight terminals are located south of Mount Vernon.  Thanks to our extensive network of LTL carriers we work with, we were able to arrange freight via carriers that had terminals located in either Bellingham or Burlington.  This helped to ensure that all freight was picked up in a timely manner and shipped out per our clients instructions. Even though the bridge closure lasted for a month, we felt little if any impact from it being closed.”
If your business is in need of a reliable logistics partner that can solve problems and deliver on time, contact IMA in Ferndale, Washington – 360-380-6900 or
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