Status of NAFTA Negotiations

By Jim Pettinger
Many smaller companies currently selling (or thinking of selling) cross-border ask, “What should I think about the NAFTA negotiations?”. My short answer is, “business as usual”.
Obviously, there is no definite answer, but using common sense and parsing the rhetoric leads me to these conclusions: (1) Serious negotiations are continuing in good faith; (2) All three countries want a deal, sooner rather than later; and (3) Canada may be in a stronger position than Mexico because, if NAFTA was actually cancelled, the USA and Canada would automatically revert back to the original 1988 bi-lateral Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (with, of course, continuing negotiations).
Bottom line: Current economic and foreign exchange conditions are much too favorable for a company to sit on the fence waiting for governments to provide them with a safe solution

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UCanTrade Staff