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Who Are Specialized 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Partners? First, what does 3PL mean? 3PL stands for third party logistics and is a company that provides B2C (business to consumer) and/or B2B (business to business) inbound/outbound product handling, storage and freight forwarding services. For example a 3PL partner can receive overseas bulk orders, empty the shipping […]
New Exporters Tour On February 27-28, the government of British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Trade, and Technology sponsored a delegation of 26 British Columbia agrifood companies on a bus trip to Seattle, WA. On the return trip, the delegation visited UCanTrade’s fulfillment center in Ferndale (near the border) where Jim Pettinger provided information about USA […]
Logistics and Marketing More and more a company’s bottom line is impacted by its logistics; all those crucial steps between the inception of a great product/service and actually delivering it to the customer. Close consideration to process will optimize supply chain management and subsequently lower a business’ overall costs. “A well-researched and thoughtful logistics and […]