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By: Jim Pettinger Have you considered the potential benefits of exporting your company’s products into the United States? If not, you may be neglecting the largest, richest and most responsive market in the world – a market that lies right at British Columbia’s doorstep. Unfortunately, many Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs are either confused […]
Research presented by Export Development Canada (EDC) suggests small to medium sized businesses, regardless of their success domestically, will ‘do even better’ if they export.  Among the potential benefits that their research showed were fast growth and a high rate of return on both revenue and investment.  Click this link to read their complete article, […]
By: Jim Pettinger In his weekly commentary, Peter G. Hall, Vice President and Chief Economist of Export Development Canada (EDC), suggests that the USA is “hot”, and “indicators suggest there is still a lot of runway”.  Further, he points out that not all states are equal. Some present even more opportunity than others. For more […]
By: UCanTrade Staff With the help of technology, small and mid-sized business owners, whose companies are dubbed ‘Micro-Multinationals’, are seizing the opportunity to export their goods and services internationally using e-commerce sites and trade partners. Even with rising shipping costs (Ref. Dimensional Shipping Weight), the Globe and Mail reported Canadian small businesses are still seeing […]