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final mile delivery to front door
Calculating shipping cost It is important for e-Commerce companies to understand dimensional weight (DIM) otherwise their order fulfillment costs can skyrocket and eat into profits. In 2015, due to the diversity of package sizes – in particular ‘lightweight, bulky packages’, fulfillment company Amazon and carriers like UPS, Fed Ex, Purolator and USPS, aimed to control […]
With online holiday shopping in full swing the issue of ‘package optimization’ becomes a hot topic. It’s of particular concern for those companies who are unfortunately facing order returns, damaged goods and worse, dissatisfied customers. “Packaging strategies”, according to UPS vice president of Customer Solutions, Scott Mc Carley, “can have a pretty dramatic impact on […]
BY: UCanTrade Staff With e-commerce on the rise, it’s worthwhile to examine the critical role packaging plays in order fulfillment, a consumer’s satisfaction and how it can influence their willingness to re-purchase or refer your good/service. According to a 2014 online poll ‘Packaging for E-Commerce Success survey’ (conducted by Harris Poll), “58 percent of consumers […]