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Picking is not a new idea. Whether it’s plucking a ripe apple from a tree or picking a perfect gift to be packaged up and mailed to a friend or family member, we’ve all likely been a ‘picker’ of one type or another. Of course in our age of e-Commerce and global trade, ‘picking’ has […]
“Canadian companies want to consolidate several small shipments into a larger one to minimize customs clearance costs,” says Jim Pettinger, UCanTrade, Inc.’s president and CEO. “This is where UCanTrade can step in and provide cross docking services and work in conjunction with our client’s U.S. Customs Broker to expedite this process at a low cost.” […]
By: UCanTrade Technology is great. We love technology. But relying on machines alone without human verification can cause things to go haywire. That’s why at UCanTrade, every shipment is triple checked before it leaves our warehouse not once, not twice, but three times. In the warehousing and logistics industry, a 1-2% error rate is considered […]
By: UCanTrade Staff Are you considering selling online to the USA or another foreign market?  To be profitable and have e-commerce success, consider the following trade tips: One-of-a-Kind?  Consumers, particularly Americans, are very receptive to buying Canadian made goods. However, ‘standing out among the crowd’ is critical to online sales success. Choices abound, so target […]