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U.S. Fulfillment Strategy for Canadian Exporters “Fulfillment has become very accessible and with that there’s a whole bunch of different offerings. There’s providers who can offer end-to-end services, there’s providers that are very specialized, and what we find is that it’s typically not a one-size-fits-all solution.” Bryce McDermott, UCanTrade, Inc. It’s a good idea for […]
There’s little doubt digital online buying – a.k.a. the ‘Amazon Effect’, is impacting traditional retailers, especially since Walmart has stepped up to the plate to compete with Amazon in this competitive e-commerce space.  While consumers enjoy the benefits of their e-commerce ‘warfare’, another dynamic to the ‘Amazon Effect’ being brought into the forefront is truck […]
According to UPS, January 6th is officially ‘National Returns Day’. The global shipping giant reportedly expects to handle approximately 5 million package returns by the end of the first week in January with over a million consumer returns on January 6th alone! With online shopping exponentially increasing each year, particularly during the holiday season, e-commerce […]
By: UCanTrade Technology is great. We love technology. But relying on machines alone without human verification can cause things to go haywire. That’s why at UCanTrade, every shipment is triple checked before it leaves our warehouse not once, not twice, but three times. In the warehousing and logistics industry, a 1-2% error rate is considered […]