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According to UPS, January 6th is officially ‘National Returns Day’. The global shipping giant reportedly expects to handle approximately 5 million package returns by the end of the first week in January with over a million consumer returns on January 6th alone! With online shopping exponentially increasing each year, particularly during the holiday season, e-commerce […]
By: UCanTrade Technology is great. We love technology. But relying on machines alone without human verification can cause things to go haywire. That’s why at UCanTrade, every shipment is triple checked before it leaves our warehouse not once, not twice, but three times. In the warehousing and logistics industry, a 1-2% error rate is considered […]
By: UCanTrade Staff Are you considering selling online to the USA or another foreign market?  To be profitable and have e-commerce success, consider the following trade tips: One-of-a-Kind?  Consumers, particularly Americans, are very receptive to buying Canadian made goods. However, ‘standing out among the crowd’ is critical to online sales success. Choices abound, so target […]
By: Jim Pettinger Americans are known worldwide as hard workers who take little time off for holidays and vacations compared to others. However, Thanksgiving is a major exception. The holiday itself is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but the preceding week and following weekend are probably more festive and family-oriented for Americans than […]