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While their dinner tables are dressed the same, ironically the reported reason Canadian’s had “first petitioned [to even have] the holiday was to celebrate their luck at not being American.” In the mid-19th century there was an urgent ‘crisis of faith’ exacerbated by ‘Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species’, prompting protestant ministers in Upper […]
You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who lives and/or works as we do, in Ferndale just south of Blaine, WA and/or (South) Surrey, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver, B.C.), who does not know where and what IS the Peace Arch Monument. While many know and recognize the Peace Arch as a prominent, brilliant […]
By: Jim Pettinger Americans are known worldwide as hard workers who take little time off for holidays and vacations compared to others. However, Thanksgiving is a major exception. The holiday itself is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but the preceding week and following weekend are probably more festive and family-oriented for Americans than […]