UPS Forecasts 10 percent Increase in Holiday Deliveries; UCT Expects 20 Percent Uptick.

By: Elliott Smith
UPS has forecasted that it will deliver 527 million packages during the peak season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a 10 percent surge compared to the same time last year. The company projected that Dec. 20 will be its busiest delivery day in 2012, forecasting that 28 million packages will be handled that day, twice that of a typical delivery day. That translates to UPS drivers delivering 300 packages per second.
Some more key facts from UPS: In 2012, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are 32 shopping days but only 21 shipping days. December 18 is the busiest tracking day of the year, UPS expects to handle 69 million tracking requests that day alone. Read more on UPS’ blog.
UCanTrade, Inc. Operations Manager Terry Dickey says they typically experience a 20% increase in shipping activity during the month of December, compared to the rest of the year. UCanTrade’s logistics professionals have the experience and attention to detail to get the job done. We work hand in hand with UPS and our other trusted shipping partners to make sure orders arrive on time.
UCanTrade, Inc. is proud to be a UPS ASO (Authorized Shipping Outlet) and offers complete logistics services for our clients in Canada and the United States. If your business could use a leg up on the competition with order fulfillment, cross docking and USA business identity, call them today. UCanTrade, Inc. specializes in supporting your cross-border sales and distribution, during the holiday season, and throughout the year.
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