UPS Prepares for Record High Holiday Demand

By: Staff
“UPS expects six days during the [upcoming holiday] season, to surpass its single-busiest shipping day last year,” reports Michael Sasso in his October 29, 2014 Bloomberg post.
Spending $175 million on their “peak-season preparedness plan”, UPS plans to hire as many as 95,000 temporary workers and assemble up to 15 “mobile delivery stations” (similar to school portables) over this holiday season. The plan was initiated immediately following last year’s holiday season when, due to bad weather, UPS failed to deliver some of its Christmas deliveries, reported Sasso.
UPS’ Chief Commercial Officer Alan Gershenhorn reportedly said in a statement, “The holiday season is a major retail sales opportunity for our customers. Our objective is to ensure that all of our year-round business and retail shippers can take maximum advantage of expanded UPS capacity during this important period.”
As online orders increase, “the world’s largest package delivery company” forecast an 11% increase in the number of packages it will be delivering this holiday season over last year.
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