UPS/FED EX’s Switch from Actual Weight to Dimensional Weight Hits Small Business’ Bottom Line

By: UCanTrade Staff
In 2015, carriers like UPS and FED EX have made the switch away from charging for a package’s actual shipping weight to charging for its dimensional shipping weight. UCanTrade, Inc.’s Operations Manager, Terry Dickey explains people are often surprised at the significant increase in cost because they are unaware of these dimensional weight charges.
Dimensional weight charges are calculated by multiplying a package’s length by its height and width then dividing it by 166. According to Endicia, a woman’s purse measuring 19x15x5 actually weighs just 2 pounds but its dimensional weight is 9 pounds. This is an average rate increase of 28%!
In some cases just simply reducing a box’s length by a few inches can have a big impact on overall shipping & handling costs. Choosing the right shipping logistics partner is critical to having a cost-effective shipping strategy. Dickey works closely with UCanTrade clients helping them choose which package size and what dimensions are most affordable to match their needs.

UCanTrade Operation Manager, Terry Dickey, handling costly odd-length package.
UCanTrade Operations Manager, Terry Dickey, handling costly odd-length packages.

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