Americans Are Buying – U.S. Retail Sector Up By 12%

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Savvy Canadian retailers already doing business in the USA are earning as much as 30% more on their U.S. sales than on their domestic sales. In contrast to Vancouver’s local retail market, which BIV (Business In Vancouver) reports is in a ‘slump’, consumer confidence in the USA remains high and Americans are buying. According to the latest July 2019 GDP product by industry report published by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, during the first quarter of 2019 “retail trade increased 11.9 percent.” The US market offers B.C. retailers in particular a tremendous opportunity to get better margins and earn more on their sales.

The USA Still Top Choice International Export Destination

Even amidst trade deals and political rhetoric, in the Pacific Northwest corridor, comprised of British Columbia in Canada and the U.S. states of Washington and Oregon (aka Cascadia), it’s been business as usual. Indeed in most recent years many cross-border companies have enjoyed business expansion and growth, UCanTrade, Inc. included.

While doing business in the USA is still the ‘top choice’, Washington State offers B.C. exporters in particular many value added opportunities. Nexus matters. In other words, Americans don’t want the border hassle and expect to purchase from another American retailer. With Blaine border crossings within an hour’s drive of anywhere in the lower-mainland, the nearby USA makes sense. Simply stretch your head office over the border (Learn about Non-Resident Importers) and use the lucrative US market as a spring board for future global expansion. Learn more about exporting from Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service.

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