U.S.A. Remains ‘Key Market’ for Canadian Exporters

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Recently released, Export Development Canada (EDC)’s 2019 year-end Trade Confidence Index provides insight into Canadian exporters’ confidence moving forward into 2020. According to EDC, “the results are a pulse check of Canadian exporters’ level of confidence and their expectations of international trade opportunities over the next six months.” Their TCI survey was conducted November – December 2019 and released on February 4, 2020.

While the survey did indicate a significant drop in trade confidence, concerns about the CUSMA (a.k.a. USMCA in the United States) and specifically Canada-USA trade appear to be settling down, with EDC describing it as “CUSMA uncertainty lifting.” Indeed the TCI showed that 68% of “Canadian firms planning to invest abroad” chose the USA as their primary ‘key market’ with China following at just 11%. (See related article: Why doing business in the USA is still a ‘top choice’.)

Source: EDC’s 2019 year-end TCI

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