Why is Canada's Thanksgiving different from the U.S.A.'s?

While their dinner tables are dressed the same, ironically the reported reason Canadian’s had “first petitioned [to even have] the holiday was to celebrate their luck at not being American.”
In the mid-19th century there was an urgent ‘crisis of faith’ exacerbated by ‘Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species’, prompting protestant ministers in Upper Canada to establish a religious holiday to give Thanks to god’s bounty and reignite the Christian faith. Later on Thanksgiving took on new meaning as Canadians expressed their thanks for not being drug into the U.S. Civil War.
While it’s reportedly true the turkey and trimmings idea was spawned from the U.S.A, each of the great North American nations have their own Thanksgiving history – intertwined, yet unique.
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(Source: Written by Olivia B. Waxman, October 6, 2017, “The Surprising Reason Canadian Thanksgiving Is Different From the U.S. Version”)

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